SWTOR devs answer Knights of the Eternal Throne questions

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion is but a week away, so you best start preparing yourself for the next evolution of the MMO (it’s still an MMO, right?). A good start to your preparations would be to soak in all of the details of Knights of the Eternal Throne courtesy of a long developer Q&A livestream.

Dulfy has the highlights of the expansion details. Knights of the Eternal Throne will add five new levels and nine additional chapters to the game, which will be it until the next expansion. The story was written by SWTOR veteran Drew Karpyshyn and will let players pilot a walker, go undercover as a mouse droid, and visit the brand-new planets of Iokath and Nathema.

There’s a lot more to the expansion, of course, including new character animations, the controversial galactic command system, and difficulty levels for each chapter. SWTOR’s fifth anniversary celebration is coming up in December as well, during which players will be able to buy some items for a single credit each.

If you’re the sort that would never settle for a mere recap, we’ve got the full hour livestream for you after the break!

Source: Dulfy