Worlds Adrift announces Q1 2017 early access launch

Worlds Adrift

While it was originally slated to come out this year, the sky sailing World Adrift announced on Friday that it is delaying its early access release to the beginning of 2017.

“We really did hope to release the game in 2016, but we still have a little more work to do to ensure the game is fun, balanced and of course, optimised,” Bossa Studios said. “Therefore, we wanted to confirm to you all that Worlds Adrift will now be launching on early access in Q1 2017.”

The delay contains a silver lining, as it has given the team the time to add more features in before early access arrives. The next alpha build contains male avatars, pistols, loot chests on islands, ship sails, and a complete overhaul of the ranged combat system. Need more? There’s also the new shipyard with which to play: “Build your custom ship frame exactly how you want: tall and skinny or wide and flat, small and sleek or big and bulky, it’s all up to you!”

Source: World Adrift. Thanks Kinya!
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