Skyforge’s pantheon wars engage in a space race


Following a brief respite, the battles between Skyforge’s pantheons will return. On December 3rd, the second season is due to kick off, with the ultimate prize being no less than the moon itself.

This guild PvP tournament will end up benefiting all players in the game, according to the team: “The second season focuses on preparing a military expedition to Thea (Aelion’s largest moon), where an extremely valuable resource has been detected! What does this mean? It means a new area to explore! Following the tournament’s completion all players will be able to visit Thea!”

The developers have made several adjustments to the second season following their evaluation of the first. Among the changes include the removal of qualifications, the 30v30 final battle, and Tessa battles. Additionally, pantheon wars are going to pick up in frequency, taking place every two weeks and only requiring 70 participating members per guild.

Source: Skyforge