Space roguelike Lazarus kicks off persistent servers


It’s the end of the world. Again and again and again.

Lazarus is an unusual space roguelike shooter in which players fly 2-D ships and try to save the human race in its final week of life. You see, there are these asteroids tearing through and it’s just too much for anyone to handle. So after seven days of real-time play, everyone dies… and then a helpful temporal anomaly sends everyone back one week to try once again.

The cool thing is that when the universe reset happens, players can take some achievements and progress back with them. Lazarus can handle up to 2,000 players across a huge arena filled with asteroids.

As of November 22nd, Lazarus has gone into continuous open development, which sounds like a soft launch to us. While the game is available on Steam, you will need to request a free code from the official site to be able to play it.

Source: Press release, official site