The Daily Grind: What’s the most frustrating streak of bad luck you’ve had in an MMO?


There are two things I’d really like in World of Warcraft‘s most recent expansion, and since both of them are entirely random, I’m flat out of luck for both. I’ve done countless emissary quests without unlocking a single Legendary, and my farming of Suramar content has yet to give me the fox mount I so dearly covet. It really doesn’t make the time spent feel worthwhile, since it’s all entirely random; I could start seeing Legendaries rain from the sky tomorrow, or I could go the rest of the expansion and never see either show up, since it’s not a matter of dedication but of luck.

But then, we’ve all had runs of bad luck before. We’ve had the one upgrade or cosmetic piece that just refuses to drop no matter how many times we run content in RIFT or that gathering node that never actually yields its rewards in Final Fantasy XIV. That point where drop rate doesn’t actually matter, because as far as you can tell it’s functionally a 0% shot. What’s the most frustrating streak of bad luck you’ve had in an MMO? Was it based on mechanics or just a series of unfortunate events coming together in just the wrong way?

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