Take a gander at Forsaken Legends’ art update and arena video


If you were too busy stuffing yourself with turkey this past weekend (and then sleeping it off), you might have missed the new Forsaken Legends art update. Thanks to the fact nothing ever leaves the internet, you can still see the video right here! This five-minute dev tour highlights the sandbox’s new art style while showing off the upcoming arena. When the arena launches in the next update, players will be able to test the new combat system, which moves to a more action-based system where attacks can miss or even be intercepted.

If just watching a tour isn’t enough, prelaunch supporters who want to explore the arena and its surrounding area in person can visit the forums and download this current build now. Just remember that the combat won’t be live until the next update slated for December 1st. If you didn’t back the game already but still want to, you can do so through Patreon; Patreon backers’ contributions will stack and once the total pledge amount hits one of Forsaken Legends’ pre-launch package sizes, they can get the full perks of that package.


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