Guardians of Ember comes to early access on December 13

Hopefully you weren’t cursed by the fact that Guardians of Ember failed to meet its announced early access launch back in September. Obviously, the title was delayed from its public debut at that time, but the good news is that it finally looks like it’s going to happen. This week, the hack-and-slash MMO announced that it will be coming to Steam early access on December 13th.

Guardians of Ember looks like your typical Diablo clone, albeit with a few twists. It has a western-steampunk angle, a dual-class system, player housing, and an optional hardcore mode for those who like a game that rubs their face in the dirt. The MMO is being developed by Runewaker and will offer three editions when it arrives on Steam.

Stoke your curiosity by checking out the following pair of videos showing off the game’s character creation, skill tree, and gameplay.


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