SWTOR welcomes early access players to Knights of the Eternal Throne

The threat is still looming over the galaxy, but that’s just the way that Star Wars: The Old Republic players probably prefer it. After all, what fun is there if you’re not fighting against a sinister empire of some sort?

Today, SWTOR opened the doors to Knights of the Eternal Throne for its early access players. The expansion thrusts long-suffering heroes and villains into a nine-chapter campaign that visits two new planets and raises the level cap to 70.

There are a lot of changes that Update 5.0 brings to the game, including the galactic command endgame system, the option to fight for server-wide light or dark side points, the new uprising instances, the choice of advanced class at character creation, and the start of ranked warzone arena season 8. You’re probably going to want to pore over all of the patch notes to make sure you’re not missing out on something essential, so get to it!

Source: Patch notes
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