ArcheAge’s Revelation has landed on the PTS

It's official, I can't tell the difference between this and TERA now.

ArcheAge’s December expansion is just two weeks away, and Trion Worlds is full steam ahead with putting Revelation through its paces on the public test server. Curious lookeeloos and serious testers can hop on the PTS today through December 8th to try out the new content, with a particular emphasis on the early leveling experience with the new Dwarf and Warborn races.

The team posted a schedule of the PTS on the forums:

11/30: PTS Available 3pm-5pm, and 7pm-9pm PST
NOTE: The PTS2 server may become periodically available – it will be used internally to test the fresh start account segmentation feature where PTS acts as a Legacy server and PTS2 acts as a Fresh Start server.
12/1: Continuous PTS Available starting at 10am PST
12/8: PTS testing concludes and the server is locked for internal use at 4pm PST
NOTE: All of these times are subject to change if additional focus testing is required.

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