Black Desert’s whole New World is live today, boost server opens tomorrow

Black Desert

If you’re a Black Desert fan just waking up and stumbling to the internet this morning, good news: The game is back online.

It’s been down since yesterday afternoon, depending on your time zone, and was offline the better part of yesterday plus a large chunk of this morning. In fact, Kakao extended the maintenance an additional three hours overnight. So far, the main complaint seems to be issues with file corruption and stalled downloads due to the patch.

The justification for the extra-long downtime was Black Desert’s big regional merge, dubbed “New World,” which results in two large megaservers, one for the North American region and one for Europe, and is intended to improve guild competition and the game’s economy (and all the other good things that come from connecting playerbases). Hopefully, you heeded all the warnings before the update to tidy your affairs and log into the proper characters and servers to flag them, as your account will be nice and merged when you log in today.

Tomorrow, Kakao will open new servers, Olvia, for brand-new accounts and returning players. Intriguingly, they appear to be safe servers, with boosted experience but no access to bosses, horse races, sieges, node wars, or the Red Battlefield.

The New World Celebration Discount Event” is also now underway, granting loyalty points and half off sundries like character slot expansions and character name changes. You know, the stuff you’d want after a server merge.

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