City of Titans lays out its ‘huge’ metropolis map


As the City of Titans team picks up steam in anticipation for the game’s fall 2018 launch window, there are some tough choices to be made about what will and will not make it into the initial version of the game. About half of the planned sprawling metropolis should be included, with the second half coming some time after launch.

“Our world map is, frankly, huge,” the team posted. “The goal is to start off with a small section of the map to begin with, and have plenty of room to grow. As we began building, it became apparent that even we underestimated how huge that world was. To make sure that we can hit any release date, instead of trying to build every district at once, we are building them one at a time.”

The first stage of this worldbuilding includes the districts of Alexandria, Aurora, Downtown, Old Bradford, Northeastern Research District, Rhineheart Park, Victory Beach, Clarkstown, Highpoint, Iron Point, Liberty Harbor, Lotus Hills, and Weston. And that’s just the first stage.

Source: City of Titans. Cheers, MagmaFist!

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