Crowfall crosses minimum goal for its equity crowdfunding effort

Let the crows fall, let them tumble.

ArtCraft announced today day that it’s “officially crossed the minimum necessary threshold” for its latest crowdfunding effort for Crowfall. It’s now raised $152,084 with 47 days to go.

In November, the studio joined Indiegogo’s fledgling equity crowdfunding platform, which makes use of brand-new laws that allow non-accredited investors to invest in start-ups online. This is indeed investment, unlike the donation-based, Kickstarter-esque crowdfunding you’re probably used to as a gamer, though it’s worth pointing out that investors are purchasing preferred shares, which are relatively restricted in benefit and transfer power, and there’s no guarantee whatsoever investors will see a return.

We relayed interview queries over to the Crowfall devs about their financial situation following the announcement last month; we’ll post it if and when our questions are answered.

Source: Press release, Indiegogo

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