Maplestory’s V: Limitless arrives along with downtime compensation


Black Desert fans weren’t the only ones waiting extra long for their servers to return to service today after a major update: Maplestory players — Maplers, as Nexon calls them — are in the same boat.

In the lead-up to December’s massive V Update for the game, Nexon rolled out V: Limitless yesterday, with new events, a UI revamp, an auction house, an improved leveling curve, and even a new class.┬áBut the rollout was hampered by a string of unscheduled maintenance periods that have only just ended.

Grumpy players will be duly compensated, however; Nexon has announced it will extend the Play V event, tack 48 hours onto timed cash-shop items, grant all accounts 30 V Coins, extend Maple Reward point expiration periods to the end of the year, and kick off a double experience and drop event early.

Source: Patch notes, compensation, events. Thanks, Quinny!