World of Warcraft players petition Blizzard for Warlock changes


Are you playing a Warlock in World of Warcraft: Legion? If so, you’ve probably seen and experienced a lot of frustration from that class and its community over the changes and playstyle of the Warlock in the expansion.

A new community-driven effort is seeking to petition Blizzard for significant quality-of-life changes to the Warlock. Instead of simply creating a “sign here on the dotted line” petition, the effort’s leader has created a form to gather specific information from Warlock players that can be in turn compiled and handed over to the studio in a “last-ditch” attempt to get the devs to take action.

“Many players feel as though we have been stripped of class fantasy, utility, or even pure damage output,” the survey organizer wrote. “I am extending to you the opportunity to assist me in formally compiling a massive amount of feedback to present to Blizzard in a formal manner.”

See a video on the whole project after the break!

Source: Official forums. Thanks Coolit!
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