Camelot Unchained picks up new staffers, explains big battles


This month’s Camelot Unchained newsletter has arrived, and it’s packed — official word count: 7886. On the staffing front, which is net good news, the team has said farewell to one employee and picked up two new ones, a technical producer in Seattle and a programmer in Fairfax. Ben Pielstick also explains the game’s big battles functionality and how bots are helping the test.

“In terms of the design of the game, MMORPG PvP battles on the scale of more than a hundred players are rarely seen, and battles on the scale of more than a thousand are practically unheard of. One of the first things that comes to a lot of player’s minds when the subject of large scale battles comes up is ‘zerging’. Some players use this term simply to mean battles with a lot of players involved, while others more specifically use it to refer to roaming bands of players stomping all over any opposition purely because of their numbers, without the need for player skill to be taken into account.

“While it is definitely a challenge, we believe we can make battles with a large number of players on each side fun and tactically challenging to be a part of. A lot of consideration for these scenarios has gone into the initial design planning for the basics of our combat system, including things like physics-based projectiles and player-to-player character collision. We’re also making sure more nuanced features, such as stacking rules for buffs and debuffs and group support abilities, don’t add up to be overpowered when a high number of players are all involved in combat and in close proximity to each other.”

Finally, there’s a check-in with the art team, epsiode 10 of The Great Depths Raid story, a deep-dive into sound effects, and the usual run-down of the state of the build. Check out some of the new images below.

Source: Newsletter