Classic vampire MMO Dark Eden arrives on Steam

Classic vampire MMO Dark Eden arrives on Steam

After looking for Steam greenlight approval earlier this year, Dark Eden has clinched it and arrived to dwell on the digital platform as one of Valve’s latest free-to-play MMORPG offerings.

Dark Eden is a very long-running MMO that dates back to 1997 and a look that puts it in good company with the original Diablo. Other than its longevity, Dark Eden’s claim to fame is its use of a rather bloody horror environment set in the modern era. Vampires and motorcycles? They exist side-by-side here.

Softon Entertainment is proud to bring the title to a new home: “We have released Steam service and events for Dark Eden users whom has been loved our game for the past years, and hope this service and events could provide better convenience and joy for them.”

Source: Steam

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