Elder Scrolls teases big weekend sale with fresh One Tamriel trailer


Bethsoft released a brand-new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online last night at The Game Awards, this one talking up One Tamriel’s launch and the positive reception gamers gave the new level-scaling mechanics. It’s not going to surprise MMORPG gamers already familiar with the game, but it does show off some beautiful gameplay, including riding, spell animations, and mass combat.

There’s also a sale inbound, and though the details aren’t yet clear, at least it won’t be for the game’s new lockboxes.

“In addition, The Elder Scrolls Online will be celebrating The Game Awards with a special sale this weekend. For any players who joined us for the recent Free Play Weekends on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 but missed out on Black Friday sales, this is a great chance to jump into the award-winning online RPG at a special price.”

The trailer is below.

Source: YouTube

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