Former BioWare and Blizzard devs announce new online co-op RPG Dauntless


At the 2016 Game Awards last night, gamers laid eyes on Dauntless, a new online multiplayer (but not massively so, alas) RPG from indie studio Phoenix Labs, which is touting its devs’ BioWare, Riot, and Blizzard pedigrees.

Dauntless is an online co-op action RPG set in a savage science-fantasy world where up to 4 players (Slayers in the Dauntless universe) work together to hunt down ferocious beasts called Behemoths. Slayers will explore an ever-changing, uncharted frontier, brimming with verdant flora and unique wildlife to find and destroy Behemoths. Each Behemoth has its own unique abilities and rewards, making each fight engaging and full of unique challenges.”

The game will be free-to-play and is expected to launch — it’s not clear what type of launch, and launch doesn’t mean what it used to — for PC next year. You can sign up for beta¬†on the official site, then check out the video below.

Source: Press release, official site