Guild Wars 2 works player characters into official lore


Have you been following the tenacious adventures of Vikki and her pet Momo? This ongoing story saga has played out on Guild Wars 2’s official site since its debut in late August.

Well, this week brings Vikki to the doors of Divinity’s Reach and details some of her adventures there. The interesting twist is that the writers have started to work in actual player characters into these lore pieces, officially canonizing them for all time.

“In September, we sent out a casting call to the community on the official Guild Wars 2 Tumblr asking players to submit profiles of their own characters,” ArenaNet said. “In this and future chapters, we’ll be selecting real player characters as needed to play minor roles in the story. We’d like to thank everyone for the incredible response we received!”

Source: Guild Wars 2. Cheers, nosz!

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