Hero’s Song adds dungeon boss encounters, friends list, and roadways


It’s always important to keep in mind that early access is quite often just an alpha in need of a great amount of construction and experimentation. As Hero’s Song barrels through its early access period, the team is busy pushing out patches to flesh out the content and features of this fantasy title.

Yesterday Update 6 landed on the servers, bringing a smorgasbord of new goodies for Hero’s Song. Some of the more notable line items include dungeon boss encounters, a procedural pathway system, NPCs who level and create their own campfires, a friends list (which initially only works with Steam), better global diversity of mobs, and the ability to delete worlds with a button press. Try not to let the apocalyptic power go to your head on that last one.

Many of the classes received adjustments as well, and all of them got a 50% bump to their base health to help with survivability.

Source: Patch notes