H1Z1 wants to put a bag over your head


H1Z1 doesn’t think that you’re ugly, per se, but… well, it thinks the world would be much better off if it didn’t have to see your mug all of the time. That’s why the game is encouraging you to wear a bag over your head.

OK, let’s add some context here. This month, Twitch Prime members can pick up free custom skins for H1Z1: King of the Kill. These include a Twitch-themed jeep, suit, sneakers, and yes, a bag for your noggin. These items can be picked up from December 7th through January 4th.

Speaking of King of the Kill, the team put out a new survey to poll players on what they enjoy about the game and how much they play it. There’s even a place to put down if you’ve already clocked over a thousand hours of gametime. From a survey of the survey, the team also seems unduly interested in your feelings on the game’s toxic gas. Should… should we make a flatulence joke here? It’s probably too late. Oh well.

Source: Survey, Twitch