Anybody wanna ‘Gatecrash’ EVE Valkyrie this Wednesday?

What's two times zero?

EVE Valkyrie is getting its third major update this week: Gatecrash.

“Gatecrash inaugurates new gameplay possibilities, a pilot personalization system and the Gateway multiplayer map,” explains CCP. “Located around a warp gate starts in the Outer Rim, the new sumptuous battlespace immerses pilots the edge of the galaxy, where the ice has long since taken over. Owners of the Pro PS4 will also benefit from improved graphics and higher overall performance with this update.”

The patch is indeed free for owners of the EVE Online spinoff game and will roll out on Oculus Rift, PSVR, and the Vive on Wednesday, December 7th. You can check out the new trailer and screenies below!

Source: YouTube, Press release

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