EVE Online’s massive Battle at the M-O Keepstar has cost gamers over $7000 so far

Another massive battle has taken over EVE Online, this one likely to go down in EVE history as the Battle at the M-O Keepstar, what one player dubbed “the first real Keepstar fight since Citadels came out.” (The one earlier this year was plagued with exploiting, presumably keeping it out of the running.)

Those of you who follow EVE know that reporting on it can be difficult given the extreme trolling and deliberate disinformation campaigns that take place across social media and Reddit. But here’s what does appear to be true: Yesterday, a reported record 4400 players clustered ships in the system to take down and defend the Keepstar, which belongs to Circle of Two and is located in M-OEE8. Another tally so far puts the count at 1636 players from Circle of TEST’s alliance, 2242 players from PanFam’s alliance, and 339 randoms, with a grand total to date of 266 billion ISK in losses. Keepstars themselves are worth about 350 billion, making the possible losses worth over $7000 in real money (using 1.2B ISK), a very conservative number that will surely only continue to rise as the last third of the Keepstar still remains. Of course, it wouldn’t be EVE without conflicting reports of industrial sabotage and a literal second Death Star defense fake-out.

The battle rages on in chunks thanks to EVE’s staggered vulnerability timers, so stay tuned for the conclusion on Saturday. We’ve included some Reddit images of the scene. “Thanks for sharing,” said one gamer, with a jab at time dilation. “I missed this slide during the live presentation.”

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