Nostalrius is resurrecting next week. Your move, Blizzard.

It also featured fewer Dwarven Shaman, simply because the WIldhammer just did their own things.

After a yearlong saga that involved the shutdown of an illegal World of Warcraft emulator, fan outcry, Blizzard’s high-profile meet-and-greet with the emulator’s devs, a BlizzCon without any legacy server announcements, and the threat to bring back the emulator, Nostalrius is poised to turn to a new chapter with its resurrection next week.

On December 17th, Nostalrius is scheduled to be reborn as Elysium, thanks to the Nostalrius crew releasing its source code to one of its biggest vanilla WoW rivals. Eurogamer reports that over 10,000 players concurrently stress-tested the Elysium servers in preparation for the relaunch. Character data from the old Nostalrius servers will be imported to Elysium, although there will also be fresh start servers available to those looking for a clean experience.

You can watch the Elysium server date announcement video below, and mull over the tagline of “build your own legacy.”


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