Supergiant’s next game, Pyre, will feature a multiplayer mode

Sure, if you tell me to play it I will.

If you played Transistor or Bastion, there’s probably no universe in which you will not also be buying and playing Pyre. Supergiant Games kind of has a reputation now of making achingly beautiful games that you just want to play forever, the sort of game that would be well served with a multiplayer mode of some kind. So, hey, guess what Pyre is going to feature?

If you guessed “the voice talent of Logan Cunningham,” well, you’re probably still right, but we’re talking about the multiplayer mode that just got shown off at the PlayStation Experience conference this past weekend.

At this point, it’s not certain if the game will feature online multiplayer, but that’s definitely something the team wants to implement; it’s just that the team also feels that bad online multiplayer is worse than no online multiplayer. Obviously, we’re hoping that there’s an online mode. And we’re also hoping that one day we can hire Logan Cunningham to just follow us around and narrate everything we do. That’s not about the game, that’s just a beautiful dream.