A nasty EverQuest II bug is eating Kunark Ascending rewards


If you are close to completing EverQuest II’s new Kunark Ascending Signature Quest line, you might want to hold off a bit. At the moment, a bug is temporarily flagging the rewarded Dread’s Visage of Greenmist dagger as no-zone, which means it will poof from your inventory the moment you switch zones — along with any adornments that have been socketed. The sword, Fear’s Visage of Greenmist, appears unaffected. Devs are aware of the problem and are working to squash the bug as quickly as possible. Anyone who has already lost his or her reward will see it restored along with all adornments.

There’s also been a change to Ascension system. The new system includes daily scrolls and a bonus pool that depletes as you use it. However, anyone who was stockpiling the Ascension XP scrolls will find their value halved, from one million down to 500K XP.

Source: EQ2Wire; thanks to anonymous for the tip.

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