Grand Theft Auto Online: Import/Export brings car theft back to the forefront of the game

Steal something that isn't yours. Why not? It isn't yours.

After about four minutes in Grand Theft Auto, the eponymous crime becomes mundane. Stealing a car is not a complex operation; it’s just how you get around from place to place. You see a car, you steal it, you drive it where you need to go and then send it careening off toward a gas station, because then the gas station will explode. Who cares? You can steal another when you need to leave.

Grand Theft Auto Online is bringing that crime back into the main part of play, though. The stealing of cars, that is, not the detonation of gas stations. The Import/Export addition is planned for this month, and it gives players access to a whole new world of jacking expensive cars, refurbishing them, and selling them for fun and profit. Mostly profit.

Aside from having to boost rare and unique vehicles with the help of a new cadre of carjacking vessels, players will have to stay one step ahead of rival organizations looking to get the same rare automobiles and the usual police investigations. There will also be new auto garage showrooms, deco options, and more elaborate heists to plan. So carjacking will be more relevant once again! But you’ll still probably jack cars and send some of them into gas stations, because you’re still playing GTA.