Black Desert’s Ninja and Kunoichi awaken this morning

Black Desert’s Ninja and Kunoichi awaken this morning

Yes, the Ninja and Kunoichi awakening update is live today in Black Desert. Kakao has upgraded both classes with their new weapons, both designed to boost their offense — or will, once the servers are back from their extra maintenance today.

“The Ninja’s precise and deadly close-quarters combat is enhanced with the new Sura Katana, a set of six blades each dealing very high damage. The Kunoichi, who specializes in rapidly deflecting enemy attacks, similarly gains new offensive powers in the Sah Chakram. Making full use of class Awakenings means switching weapons on the fly and quickly adapting to each situation, so keen Ninja and Kunoichi players have a lot to gain by combining their expanded skill sets with their already nimble play style.”

The last of the class awakenings being ported from east to west is expected on December 20th.

The game is fresh off its “new world” server merge, which gathered up all the North American and European servers and bundled them into two regional megaservers.

Source: Press release
Update: Live now! Here are the patch notes.

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