Blade & Soul’s Ruins of Khanda Vihar patch brings new storyline, dungeon, and winter holiday content

“The winds of Fate beckon!” NCsoft posted today following Blade & Soul’s return to service after maintenance. Yes, the 2.9 update is live now and introduces the Ruins of Khanda Vihar storyline, Naryu Foundry dungeon, and new legendaries and accessories.

“This sweeping new multi-chaptered questline will send you to investigate the bizarre happenings plaguing the town of Sandstone Refuge—sounds of weeping, black feathers falling from the sky, and a foreboding presence. Assisting the town’s citizens sets you off on a grand adventure across the world where you’ll reunite with Dokdan the Wise and unravel a dire mystery on the ancient Naryu island of Khanda Vihar.”

Winter holiday festivities will also kick off today, complete with decorated locations, new music, the Frozen Firing Range event dungeon, and wintery loot. Meanwhile, signups for the game’s latest tourney, Rumble in the Realm II, remain open until tomorrow.