Gigantic steamrolls in with a spotlight on the Margrave


He’s large! He’s demonic! He’s definitely been skipping leg day! He’s the Margrave, and he’s the latest hero in Gigantic’s lineup, quite possibly the last to be featured before the open beta kicks off. Would that bother the Margrave? Not in the least; the Margrave is kind of a one-issue guy, and that one issue is whether or not there’s anything nearby to smash. If there isn’t, then he needs to go somewhere else and smash things there.

Mechanically, the Margrave can alternate between being an aggressive pusher for his team and providing defensive support. He doesn’t have a stance shift, though; he just has a lot of abilities that allow for both functions. He can summon a glowing ball of hellfire to deflect enemy projectiles, perfect for defending points… or for burning enemies as he charges. He can leap and smash the ground to stop enemy advances or push deep behind the opposing line. Check out the triangular ball of destruction in his spotlight video just below, and if you’re eager to play him yourself, he’ll be in the open beta on December 8th.

Source: YouTube