Saga of Lucimia hammers home the importance of grouping

I can see you now!

For the most part, Saga of Lucimia has been relatively quiet this fall as it continues development. Quiet, that is, except for its video channel, which has been pumping out more of the “Pillars of Gameplay” videos. The series, which came to 20 entries, is now at a conclusion. Only four pillars, SWTOR? Saga of Lucimia scoffs.

As might be expected from a tough-as-nails game world, several of the more recent videos concentrate on the importance of group-based gameplay. It’s not just about having more warm bodies around to absorb the arrows and fireballs that you’d rather not encounter, as combat skills and roles in this game have a deep interdependence with one another.

Catch up on Saga of Lucimia’s design philosophy with the following videos!

Source: YouTube

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