Shards Online updates players on permadeath and targeting

Let's try not being dead today.

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on Shards Online, so let’s talk about death. No, not the game itself, but death within the game. One of the big features of the most recent community roundtable video is covering the game’s new death system and the game’s permadeath rule system. Yes, if you want to, you can risk losing everything about your character every time your character expires. (Which will, admittedly, just be once.)

The roundtable also talks about improvements to targeting and the game’s UI, both of which are important whether or not you’re in a permadeath state. Set some time aside to watch the whole thing, though, as it racks up at just over an hour of playtime. If you’ve been wondering what’s new with the game, you should jump down and watch.

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