The Daily Grind: Which City of Heroes spiritual successor are you rooting for?


I was a tiny bit flabbergasted last weekend when I saw that there was yet another City of Heroes spiritual successor project in the making. I get that City of Heroes was deeply beloved by fans — heck, by me too — and that its loss still¬†reverberates throughout the MMORPG community. But is this getting silly with four projects or is this a touching sign of a game’s legacy?

Now we have four MMOs in the making that are attempting to don City of Heroes’ cape: Valiance Online, Heroes and Villains, City of Titans, and now Ship of Heroes. I look at all of that scattered effort and wonder if it might be better if all of these parties pooled resources behind a single title. Then again, perhaps with a pool of four games, we might actually get one that launches and is halfway decent.

Are you rooting for one of these City of Heroes spiritual successors? If so, which one and why?

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