Blizzard’s new book publishing company is bringing back oldies but goodies

It's just like Magic: the Gathering, but without any cards your friends can destroy like jerks.

Remember last year when Activision Blizzard announced it was getting into the entertainment business with its movie production studio? It’s also getting into the publishing business with a book label called Blizzard Publishing. Don’t roll your eyes just yet! In addition to coloring books (which are fun, shut up), the studio is bringing back some older, out-of-print books in formats that make sense in 2016, plus two manga volumes, Jeff Grubb’s The Last Guardian, Christie Golden’s Lord of the Clans and Rise of the Horde.

“Blizzard Entertainment today announced the creation of a book-publishing label, Blizzard Publishing, dedicated to developing and releasing new Blizzard publications and reissuing out-of-print titles in the company’s Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® settings, directly and through ongoing global partnerships. Each of Blizzard’s game universes has been inhabited by millions of players worldwide, and Blizzard Publishing will help maintain the lore and legacy of the company’s earliest novels and manga while also providing a variety of new ways for people to engage with Blizzard’s rich worlds and characters. Several of Blizzard Publishing’s upcoming releases will be available in multiple formats, such as print, audiobook, and e-book.”

“Future releases in the Blizzard Legends and Blizzard Manga series will include titles across multiple Blizzard franchises,” says Blizz. You should also expect a “captivating series of full-color coffee table art books” for Hearthstone and StarCraft at the very least.

Source: Press release
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