Conan Exiles infographic details the thin barriers between you and death


Turns out yesterday’s Conan Exiles survival video wasn’t the only thing Funcom had in store on the topic. Today, the studio’s put out a new dev blog and infographic to bookend the visuals, though let’s be honest, we all know you were just clicking for the dancing thralls.

“Tribes, bandits, mercenaries, pirates, and other lowlife scum all call the Exiled Lands their home, but if you are playing on a player vs. player server the most dangerous threat to survival will be your fellow players. They can hunt you down wherever you are and smash your houses into the ground. Building strong defenses may not be enough to save you so the greatest defense is working together with others and forming a clan. Together you can build castles or even whole villages. You can further bolster your defenses by capturing NPCs and turn them into thralls on the Wheel of Pain. Thralls can defend your walls as archers, help you craft more powerful equipment, or help you recover from the rigors of battle as entertainers. The world of Hyboria has many gods, and through their worship you gain access to the most powerful weapons of all – their avatars! Assault the strongholds of your enemies with an army of friends and devastating siege engines before unleashing the embodiment of your god upon their pitiful souls.”

And hey, if you were wondering just how much slavery is going to matter in the game, MOP reader Nordavind got an answer from the gods themselves:

Here’s that trailer again, plus the infographic:



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