Heroes of the Storm’s game director passes the torch, moves to new Blizzard project


Heroes of the Storm Game Director Dustin Browder announced this afternoon that he’s hanging up his hat and moving elsewhere within Blizzard to work on a new project.

“The Heroes of the Storm team is one of the best game teams I have ever had the honor of serving on. I cannot believe how much work and love went into turning what started as a tiny mod into the epic experience that it has become today. And the team just continues to pour their passion, dedication, and expertise into patches, updates, and awesome new game features. 2017 is going to be a huge year for Heroes of the Storm, with new Heroes, Battlegrounds, a massive progression update, improvements to our ladder and matchmaking systems, new social systems, new Brawls, and more.”

Taking over is Blizzard’s Alan Dabiri, a migration that has apparently already been underway for the last few months.

“Alan has had a hand in nearly every aspect of Heroes since the beginning, both in his role as our technical director and as part of the team’s collaborative development process,” Browder says. “He’s been relentlessly working to make Heroes better for years, and I’m excited that he’ll be continuing to push the game forward as game director. ”

Browder is one of many developers making such moves this year; World of Warcraft’s Lead Quest Designer Dave Kosak left for the Hearthstone team at the end of November. What could Browder be working on? Might it be that mysterious first-person game the studio’s been hiring for?

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