Revelation Online gears up for its second closed beta later this month

pants plz

Weep no tears if you miss being able to play Revelation Online, for its closed beta will return soon. It’s got plenty of improved localization! It’s got your characters from CBT1 still preserved and unchanged! And it’s also right there for you to access if you already took part in the first closed beta, so you don’t need to worry about buying your way in or winning a raffle to take part again. It’s all right there on December 20th.

Players who haven’t already grabbed a Founder’s Pack or won a key from elsewhere will need to either buy in or win a test key to take part. The test will run from December 20th until January 3rd, 2017, so you’ll have no shortage of time over the holidays to log in and start hacking about. The official announcement also contains a preview trailer for the second beta’s Spiritshaper class, while there’s another preview for the upcoming Assassin in the game’s native Chinese version; videos for both are embedded below.


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