TERA’s next class is fighting evil (and everything else) by moonlight

Hold me closer.
Another class is coming to TERA, so if you have your bingo cards, get them out. Yes, it’s a female-only class, yes, it’s for Castanics, and no, we don’t have an official translation of the name yet. We do have a translation of the story and some idea of what the class will be all about, though; the literal translation is Moonlight Warrior, but the fandom-approved name is Lunar Dancer.

Regardless of your preferred name for the class, it uses a glaive (which is distinct from a spear) as its weapon and looks as if it’s going to be a very combo-heavy and “stylish” class to play. The story involves a fair dose of murdered families and sworn revenge, so take from that what you will. Check out the reveal trailer just below, and get ready to hear about when this is coming over to the localized version of the game.

Source: Translation; thanks to Porcula Salvania for the tip!
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