The Champions Online Winter Event stomps into town

Being a superhero means that every holiday – every single one of them – will be met with an array of themed villains. It’s inevitable. So while some MMOs might struggle with rationalizing the latest holiday, Champions Online has every reason for players to expect a new pitched battle against some holiday-themed hooligans. True to form, the event kicks off today and tasks players with collecting tokens in exchange for new rewards like the wind-up back piece, the robot head, and the swirling feather aura. And that’s just for the first week; more is planned for the future.

Players can also jump in on the Chiller archetype during the holiday event, even though that archetype is normally only available from the in-game store. Of course, if you’re not too concerned with the spirit of the season, you can also stomp around as a cybernetic hero with a laser sword. That’s a bit less true to the season, but it’s also entirely keeping with the design of whatever the latest hot action figure is. So it balances out.