The Daily Grind: What cosmetic options for your characters does your favorite MMORPG lack?

I feel prettier.

You know what games need? Piercings. More piercings in general. Why can I not have any piercings beyond my ears in Final Fantasy XIV? Why is it that I only have a handful of piercing options in World of Warcraft? I’m not saying every character needs them, but they’re a great way to add visual flair to a character.

But why stop there? I appreciate that The Elder Scrolls Online lets me have some body tattoos, but I’d love more fine control over them. I still can’t choose height or body type in WoW. And that’s not even counting ancient games like Final Fantasy XI where I’m probably forever doomed to have a tiny amount of actual character customization.

Obviously, it’s not a mechanical detriment to any of these games, and I have no doubt that keeping track of all this extra data for characters would have a deleterious effect on other aspects of performance. Still, I want my piercings. I want my tattoos. I want more hairstyles and more control over my outfits. What about you, dear readers? What cosmetic options for your characters does your favorite MMORPG lack? Even if it wouldn’t be technically possible, what do you really wish you could have just the same?

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