WildStar promises ‘exciting features’ and new content in 2017


WildStar is “rocketing” into 2017, declares a new dev blog from Carbine’s clearly indefatigable Chad “Pappylicious” Moore today. After recapping last month’s Redmoon Mutiny patch and 2016 in general — with its Steam launch, tutorial revamp, Destination Arcterra, Vault of the Archon, Heroes Evolved, and Redmoon series — he vows, “We’ve made some great strides this year on both fronts, but we have a lot more in store for the future.”

“Over the last year, the WildStar team has been asking some important questions about our game and the direction that we want to take it. What is the best way to provide our players with compelling and meaningful character progression? Do our players feel adequately (and appropriately) rewarded for the time they spend in our game? What new experiences should we create, and how can we give continued relevance to all of our existing content? With these questions in mind, the team has been working on a number of exciting features for WildStar, along with some brand new content that will take players to exciting (and dangerous) places, both on and off planet Nexus. We’re looking forward to sharing more with you in the next few weeks—so stay tuned!”

It’s vague, but it’s at least some good news to cap off the year, as it doesn’t appear NCsoft is giving up on the game soon.