Check out a translated interview on TERA’s upcoming Lunar Dancer

Count the headlights on the highway.
Another new class is coming to TERA‘s Korean version, as we learned yesterday. We even got the barest version of information about that new class. But there’s more to be learned in a translated interview covering the Korean client’s big winter patch (of limited interest to players here) and the mechanics of the upcoming Lunar Dancer. If yesterday’s information wasn’t meaty enough for you, chew on this for a while.

Lunar Dancers will be stacking up Lunar Scars on targets while executing smooth combos, and once the target reaches seven stacks of Lunar Scars the Dancer can inflict major AoE damage to the target and enemies around it. They’ll also have access to a specialized resource allowing them to buff their attack speed. The glaives of the Dancer also get more detailing, resembling a Japanese naginata more than simple a spear. Check out the full rundown for the class from the translated interview, and feel free to start humming any theme songs that come to mind. (“Tiny dancer” swaps out for “lunar dancer” quite naturally, we’ll note.)

Source: Fan translation (Google Docs); thanks to Vunak for the tip!

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