RIFT challenges you to a combat-free puzzle dungeon — if you can even find it

RIFT’s newest dungeon is so obscure and inscrutable that most people might not even know it is there. Tok’s Proving Ground’s entrance is hidden somewhere in Starfall Prophecy’s main city and must be discovered before one can even attempt its depths.

So what is this place? According to the devs, it’s a one- or two-player instance in which there is no combat but instead a whole lot of puzzles to be solved. It has no maps, but is full of weird objects that have some purpose. Probably. The dungeon will send players through a randomized assortment of rooms, including a rat maze, a hall of glass, and a math maze. There’s even a life-sized version of Pac-Man because why not.

“If you listen very closely, you may hear designer Simon Ffinch himself cackling quietly to himself, back in our studio,” the team posted. “He knows this endeavor is not for the casual player, and that his name will be alternately blessed and cursed as puzzlers advance.”

Source: RIFT

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