SWTOR dev livestream tackles CXP issues, says team is ‘flexible’

Is it a good or bad sign when a developer livestream kicks off with the team using a bingo card to make fun of their own foibles? At least it indicates a measure of self-awareness, which isn’t a terrible thing.

In any case, yesterday the Star Wars: The Old Republic devs rocketed through a 38-minute livestream in which they discussed the recent expansion launch, plans for the future, and of course, the morass of pain and suffering that is Command XP. The team said that it is willing to be “flexible” on the galactic command system and will be slightly unnerfing the payout of gold mobs to be 2 CXP per kill while significantly increasing CXP for uprisings and flashpoints. Players should be happy to hear that there are plans in the works to take away some of the RNG and allow characters to work toward specific pieces of gear.

Coming in the new year are five new uprisings, master mode chapters, master mode uprisings, and possible server merges. SWTOR is kicking off both its Life Day event and 5th anniversary on December 13th.

You can watch the full developer livestream after the break!

Source: YouTube via Dulfy