Heroes of Newerth adds a new hero, ranking system, and wipes away all demerits


Ho ho holy crap, Heroes of Newerth is getting a massive patch just in time for Christmas. The game’s 4.0 update not only adds a few seasonal skins but also adds a new patch, ranking system, and upgraded visuals.

The new hero is Apex, a demon who is the “physical embodiment of the true evil,” which is all sorts of awkward at dinner parties. Apex has many appropriately demonic skills and can even summon armageddon. Never summon armageddon.

Players can enjoy a Champions of Newerth, a seasonal mode in which players can progress through six ranks. The 4.0 update also improved some of the game’s graphics, offered three new UI HUDs, added a “counter pick” mode for competitive games, and even wiped every player’s bad report slate clean for the first time in the game’s history.

You can check out Heroes of Newerth’s 4.0 trailer after the break.

Source: Official forumssplash page. Thanks Kusaha!
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