Warframe pushes The War Within to consoles alongside a gaming giveaway

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It has been a month and a day since The War Within, one of Warframe’s most-hyped content releases to date, arrived on the PC. It has done very well for the game, pushing Warframe to its highest concurrency record with 68.5K players. Now it is the console community’s turn to revel in the latest and greatest for this sci-fi action shooter and see if they can’t take a crack at the concurrency leaderboard.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One received patch today, which introduces players to a new cinematic storyline, RNG mods, additional weapons, the assault mission type, and a new foe in the Grineer.

Now that the whole Warframe family has access to this update, Digital Extremes is holding a gaming giveaway to dish out nine gaming setups and 50 prime access packs. It is pretty easy to enter into the contest: You only need to play Warframe some time before February 1st and fill out an entry form on the site.

Source: Press release


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