ArcheAge starts to stabilize fresh start servers

As we have been reporting on ArcheAge over the last few days, it has been a hot mess for North American servers ever since Revelation and the fresh start servers went live this past weekend. So where are we at now that it is Tuesday?

Yesterday, Trion Worlds took the servers offline for a good portion of the day to perform hardware upgrades and perform a full restart of the authentication server to fix recurring issues (such as the “under maintenance” error). While the Aranzeb server came back online just fine, the Reckoning shard proved more problematic and took the team working on it until the deep hours of the night before it started to stabilize.

“While Reckoning’s population has stabilized, we’re still working on making the queue and login experience significantly healthier,” the team announced on Twitter. It doesn’t mean that everything is fully operational: Even at in the wee hours of this morning, the team said that it was still working on problematic issues, including disconnects and the omnipresent queue.

Linda Carlson also delivered an update shortly after midnight: “XLGAMES is looking over a tremendous amount of data right now — we’ve sent them a lot of logs. I do not expect any major updates overnight, but we are all keeping our cell phones close, just in case. Not kidding — several of us keep them right by our pillow, which is both a celebration and condemnation of modern life, hehe. We’ll update you the very minute we have any new information.”

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