EVE Online improves the new player experience further

What now?
The free-to-play option in EVE Online brought with it a revamp to the starting player experience, so new free players would be able to more easily start getting into the game. However, the experience has been updated yet again with the game’s newest patch, spending more time covering battle fittings for ships while introducing multi-targeting. It’s part of a series of rolling improvements designed to trim up the experience, so you can always be sure newer players are getting an even better guide.

The patch also overhauls the defender missile systems, allowing them to target bombs and thus cut short carpet bombing runs against slower fleets. The patch also revamps station exteriors, adds in new skins for ships, and improves non-player mining operation interactions. The whole thing will be live today after extended maintenance, so you can get ready to start flying into an even better tutorial once the maintenance wraps up today.