Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Starlight Celebration on December 15

For me? Or someone.
It’s that time of year when the snow begins to fall once more… except it’s definitely not snowing in Ul’dah. It’s far too warm there. But the children of Ul’dah still need a Starlight Celebration, and this year Final Fantasy XIV is bringing the celebration to them. And it’s not just going to any children; it’s going to the children who are sitting in the children’s ward of Frondale’s Phrontistery, better known as the hospital run by the Alchemist’s Guild.

The event kicks off on December 15th, with the questgiver located just outside of the Ruby Road Exchange in Ul’dah. Taking part in the event will award a variety of seasonal items, including a new seasonal robe, an Orchestrion roll, and several housing decor pieces. Get ready to start volunteering on Thursday.


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