Skyforge kicks off 12 Days of Winter events

Anyway here's Wonderwall.

There’s no shame in having a single holiday event to celebrate the winter holiday of your choice (although it’s going to be Christmas in pretty much every game), but Skyforge is going one step farther. This year, the community team is hosting the 12 Days of Winter meta-event. Each day until December 24th, players will be tasked with entering a different contest via the game’s Facebook page, with each contest remaining open for 24 hours before the next one kicks off.

Players who don’t want to take part in the giveaways can still look forward to sales and promotions hitting the game during the period. You’ve also got the holiday calendar to enjoy, and there’s the promise of more still to come. In short, you’re not going to run out of things to do during the holiday season, one way or the other.


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